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ExC pharmaceutical is a chain of retail stores focused on meeting the health needs of our community; we do this by providing quality healthcare through excellent service.

At ExC, you are assured of access to medicine, vaccines, and quality customer service.

We are focused on supporting our clients to live healthier lives.
We are a small business with the vision of becoming the leading retail pharmacy in preventive health. At ExC, we believe prevention is not just cheaper but better than seeking a cure, hence, we provide health screening services, travel vaccine advice, drug therapy screening, and a host of other services.
Are you on any chronic medication? Do you have trouble with your monthly refill? We can take this burden off you by managing your drug refill in collaboration with our partners.
At ExC, you are assured of quality service, convenience, and access to your medication at the right time and at the right price.


Why ExCPharmacy

The ExC team is our most valued resource. We respect ourselves and by extension all our customers

All products in ExC Pharmacy have a 99.99% certainty on quality.

Every transaction is backed by integrity(our clients/associates can trust our promise)

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